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We have assembled this list of questions that we have received from guests since opening. We hope that the answers that you find with assist you in planning your gala event. The questions and answers are loosely arranged by “topic”, so we apologize that there may be some “repeat” information depending on the question that was asked.

If there is additional information that we can provide, please let us know as we are always adding new information and new Q&As to this growing list!

Thank you!
Caroline & Erich DeVore
Owners, Stowe Meadows

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1) Number of guests/attendees the property will accommodate
2) Privacy of Stowe Meadows for my special event
3) Wedding Ceremony Location Options
4) Tents and Outdoor Event Areas
5) Music – Bands – DJs
6) Local Area Activities and Attractions
7) Specialized Transportation
8) Catering, Florists, Photography & Special Services
9) Overnight Accommodations at Stowe Meadows
10) Wedding assistance/coordination help
11) Family Pet accommodations
12) Housing for overnight guests in the Stowe area
13) “Closing Time”…Event ending requirements
14) Reserving Stowe Meadows
15) Event Pricing – What is included
16) Green Hotel Information
17) Marriage License / Justice of the Peace - How To Obtain Information



1) Number of guests/attendees the property will accommodate

How many event guests can Stowe Meadows accommodate?

The answer to your question depends a bit on whether your event will be an indoor event, an outdoor event, or will combine the two. From late Spring (May) through the Fall (October), the lawn and patio area are terrific for outdoor events. We offer a large two-terraced lawn area just in front of the Lodge that has terrific mountain and pond views. The “lower meadow” of our property also offers great mountain views, is about 3 acres in size and is groomed grass and wild flowers in the Summer months.

The following chart may help you get a better feel for the spaces that we offer and the number of guests that each can accommodate. You can then plan your event to take advantage of multiple venues.

(Outdoor) Rehearsal: 125
(Indoor) Dinner Ceremony: 25
(Indoor) Ceremony: 40
(Outdoor) Banquet & Reception: 125
(Indoor) Banquet & Reception (Outdoor): 25 + 150

I would be interested in learning about whether you handle very small weddings (bride and groom and 2-10 guests).

We can absolutely manage the wedding party size that you mention. With a group of this size, we could arrange for the ceremony to be held inside the Lodge or outside on the lawn/patio area. Both indoor and outdoor areas have terrific mountain and sunset views. The time of year would have the most influence over the location of the festivities.

We have a few options for ceremony locations. The interior of the Lodge is suitable for a gathering of up to 60 people either upstairs in front of our large picture windows that face the mountains, or in front of our 2-story grand fireplace. We have arranged for seating in this area before and it worked very well. The Lodge has ample room for both the bride and groom to dress and have pictures made before the ceremony. If you choose an indoor ceremony, we could also arrange to have the reception inside in the lower gathering room of the Lodge, or outside on the lawn.

If you would like to have an outdoor ceremony, reception or rehearsal dinner, we could arrange seating in several configurations on the lawn, the patio or on one of our larger covered decks. With a party of ~10, there are quite a few options. You may choose to use a combination of these settings for our event. We also have ample room for a tent to be setup if you would like to have dining tables arranged for a reception, or if you would like to have an area for dancing and a band/DJ.

From a Lodging perspective, a small wedding party of 8-10 could be accommodated entirely on site. We have guestroom accommodations for 8-10 adults and we can also accommodate a few children on bunk beds. We have four (4) main guest suites, each with a private bath, and we have an extra bedroom that has double bunk beds and a full bed. We use this room for “overflow” or for children who may need a little extra room. This arrangement is only provided when the entire Lodge is booked for an event.

The Lodge operates as both a full-service Bed & Breakfast Inn and as a private vacation rental. Wedding couples can choose whether they would like to have their event “hosted” as a B&B or if they would like to have a private rental of the entire Stowe Meadows property and bring their own wedding coordination team to the site.

Couples can work with the management staff at Stowe Meadows to choose dates that are appropriate and make reservations that are ideal for each event.

We are expecting between 100-125 guests for our wedding and reception. If we plan for this event outside and we have rain (we hope not!), can we accommodate our guests inside?

We would suggest that you plan to have an outdoor event area that is covered by a tent large enough to accommodate your expected number of guests. We can comfortably accommodate your guests inside the Lodge, but only for standing events (we would not have dining/seated accommodation for more than 25 guests inside the Lodge). With a wedding party of this size, you also need to plan to rent portable bathroom facilities.

I am interested in planning a surprise party for 25 guests. Can you accommodate this many guests for a dinner party?

Yes, we can absolutely accommodate 25 guests for your event. For a group of this size, you could plan indoor and/or outdoor gathering/dining areas. Depending on the time of year, our outdoor patio and garden area is ideal for dining/cocktails, but you could easily plan the event for an indoor area should weather not be conducive to outdoor activities.

Inside, we have two large gathering areas. The main floor opens to two large decks and has panoramic views of the mountains. This room has a cathedral ceiling, 2-story stone fireplace and waterfall. This is a terrific entertaining area. The lower level also has a wonderful gathering area, and it also has a stone fireplace. This room opens directly to our patio/garden area.

We have ample room for catering, live entertainment and we have an area appropriate for a large tent (for dancing or dining) if you’d like to have something along those lines on the lawn. Our pond is also a terrific backdrop with lighting and groomed walking paths.

Stowe Meadows also has a baking and catering business, so if you would like assistance with catering or even event organization, we are happy to help. We would ask that you reserve the property for your private event, and all guest suites would be available to you for overnight stays.


2) Privacy of Stowe Meadows

How private is the space for the ceremony and reception?

Extremely private. Our property is a 23-acre private, wooded estate. We are not in a commercially zoned area and we are situated ¼ mile off of a very quiet residential road. We are located about 10 minutes by car from Stowe Village. The Lodge is located at 3233 Elmore Mountain Road, a residential road that winds through a more rural area of Stowe offering fantastic views of Mt. Mansfield, Elmore Mountain and local working farm land and pasture land. It is very lovely!

Privacy is our goal here at Stowe Meadows. We want to provide a relaxing, tranquil setting. Guests enjoy walking and hiking on our property, they swim in our private pond in the summer and enjoy the sound of our natural streams that flow on the property in spring and summer. We are in the process of cutting new walking trails and adding more outdoor and forest lighting on the property. These trails will open even more of our natural beauty to be enjoyed exclusively by our guests.


3) Wedding Ceremony Location Options

What are your ceremony and reception options (both indoor and outdoor) for so small an event - are there spaces that are appropriate?

Please also see the following questions on Tent Sizes for outdoor events.

We can accommodate your ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner here at the Lodge and can host both indoor and outdoor…..or use a combination of the two. From May through October, we can take advantage of hosting events on the lawn/patio or decks of the Lodge. These outdoor spaces allow couples to combine venues to have different effects for their guests. The decks allow dining, mingling and provide terrific views. The lawn is expansive and can accommodate multiple uses at the same time (i.e. dancing area, reception area, dining area, ceremony).

You can visit our website ( to get a feel for the property. We have a very large lawn area that has two major terraces. The lower terrace, near the pond, is terrific for pictures and can be a lovely location for the ceremony, band/music setup or mingling. The upper terrace near the house is ideal for the ceremony location if you would like to have the mountain views in the background. This area is also great for a dinner reception or for a buffet setup or dancing area.

We have three deck/balcony areas that look out over the property and toward the mountains. These decks could be used for family members who want to view the ceremony but cannot walk down the pathway to the front lawn areas, or these have also been used by small wedding parties for the ceremony.


4) Tents and Outdoor Event Areas

What size tent can you accommodate?

Our current terrace will accommodate tents up to 60x60 feet.

Do I need to rent a tent for my event or do you have one available?

We do not have a tent on site that can be used for your event. Nevertheless we can accommodate a wide variety of tent sizes and shapes……and can help with planning tent locations. We have found that tent companies generally rent equipment for the entire weekend, so it is often a good idea to think of ways to use the tent several times during your event. For example, you may want to host an outdoor luncheon prior to your wedding, or a rehearsal dinner, then use the tent for your reception the following day.

If we use a tent for our event, do we also need to think about outdoor water closets for our guests?
If you are expecting more than 25 guests for your event, we do ask that you also arrange for portable toilet facilities to be setup on site. Again, we can work with you on optimal locations for these units.


5) Music – Bands – DJs

Is there availability of musical accompaniment such as a violinist or a harpist?

There are a number of artists/groups in the area that can be reserved for your event including trios, harpists, DJs and pianists. We also work with local event planners who are in touch with a wide variety of these artists and would be delighted to help you choose music professionals whose style is to your liking. Several groups have demo tapes that can be requested so that you can get a better feel for their specific type of music. There is a reasonable listing on or you may want to try some web research. If you would like for us to help locally, we are happy to offer our services.

Is there a time by which our event or music must end?

There are no set timeframes by which your event must end. Your event guests may choose to remain at the property as long as they would like, however overnight guests who will be sleeping at the Lodge are limited to the capacity of the Lodge. In other words, we could not accommodate more than 10 overnight guests in residence at the Lodge. If your reception or dinner extends into the morning hours, we do not pose restrictions. However, we generally ask that outdoor music (live bands or DJs) complete final sets by 12:00am. Indoor music is not restricted in any way. This is one of the reasons we require that you reserve the entire property. There are no other guests in residence at the Inn during your event (aside from your own guests/wedding party), so your event can continue right through to a large catered breakfast the following morning. That said, we do have neighbors who are within a quarter mile of our property, so things like fireworks (if approved by the fire department) would need to be concluded at a reasonable time.


6) Local Attractions

What local amusement/attractions are available for the days prior to the event (spas, etc.)?

There are several possibilities here depending on the time of year you are considering:

a) Day-trip to Montreal….or a 1-night stay over. Montreal is a 2.5 hour drive from Stowe and is a wonderful location for site-seeing, shopping, dining, etc. We can arrange a tour or help you plan an event there for family and friends. We are also French-speaking and can help coordinate if there are reservations that need to be made with French-speaking locations in Montreal or Quebec City. US Citizens can still cross the Canadian border by land or water without a passport. Beginning June 1, 2009, a valid passport will be required to cross the boarder into Canada. For more information, you can visit:

b) Stowe-area spas: There are several well-known, full-service spas in the area. Topnotch (, Stowflake ( and the Trapp Family Lodge ( are a few that offer spa services and packages. We can help coordinate these services or you can contact the spas directly.

c) Stowe Mountain Resort: The Mountain is a fabulous destination for all ages year-around. The summer brings the Alpine Slide, hiking, wonderful nature trails, etc. Of course, the Winter and Spring seasons are chock full of terrific snow-centric sports including downhill and cross-country skiing. Fall brings color-galore and wonderful camping, hiking, biking and events.

d) Stowe Village: The village of Stowe has a terrific (and well known) 5 mile long recreation path that is perfect for jogging, biking, rollerblading or strolling ( The path weaves through town and offers amazing vistas of the mountain, local watering holes and local working family farms. ( Stowe also has many quaint shops and cafes. (

e) Smuggler’s Notch: This “sister” resort to Stowe’s Mt Mansfield is just 10 miles away and is accessed through a “notch” in the mountain on Route 108 (Mountain Road). This single lane road is lined with preserved forest areas that are packed with hiking trails appropriate for all ages. We often take our dogs there to enjoy hikes and gorgeous scenery throughout the spring, summer and fall foliage months. The notch is closed during the winter months. (

f) Lake Elmore and the Lake Elmore State Park are located just 5 miles from the Lodge. This lake and the state park are open to visitors and offer terrific hiking, swimming and boating. The fire station/lookout at the top of Elmore Mountain provides wonderful vistas and is a very nice hike from Stowe Meadows.

g) Craftsbury Outdoor Center ( This terrific all season center is filled with outdoor activities including sculling, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, mountain biking, jogging, etc. A short 40 minute drive from Stowe Meadows, this center offers something for all outdoor enthusiasts.

h) Catamount Trail System ( Stowe Meadows is just a short walk to the Catamount trail system, a 300 mile winter hiking/snow shoeing and cross country ski trail.

i) Festivals and Events: There are so many festivals and events throughout the summer and fall months in the Stowe area it would be tough to name them all. A favorite is Musical on the Meadow at the Trapp Family Lodge that provides outdoor concerts weekly throughout the summer. Folks bring picnics, wine and enjoy an evening on the lawn.

Again, this is a small listing of the many, many activities in the Stowe area. If there are specific activities that you are interested in, please let us know and we’ll help you make arrangements.


7) Specialized Transportation

What ground transportation options are available (horse-drawn carriages, limousine service, classic/antique car service, etc.)?

All of the services noted are available to you in the area and can be lined up for a wedding event at Stowe Meadows. The best way to get specific information about the companies that offer these services would be through an event planner or by looking at a list on line and talking to each. We can help organize that for you if you have an idea for what type of service you would like to have. A wedding planner that we have worked with and respect is Storied Events ( Carrie MacMillan-Lane is the owner and is a terrific resource of information. She would be happy to talk with any couples who are planning an event in the area. Or, you may want to visit ( for a listing of transportation companies.

If you are expecting out of town guests who need additional transportation to the Lodge from hotels in Stowe, we can arrange for limos, minivans or busses to transport guests to the property for your event. There is also an extensive Trolley system in the town of Stowe that visitors often take advantage of to move around town more effectively. The Trolley system does not extend to Elmore Mountain Road and Stowe Meadows.


8) Catering, Florists, Photography and Special Services

Does Stowe Meadows assist with cakes? Flowers? Photography?

Yes, we can assist with any catering or organizational needs that you have. We can also recommend an event coordinator who can assist with a very broad set of activities…we are happy to facilitate this effort for you.

Are there restrictions on catering, etc?

There are no restrictions on catering as long as the catering company that you choose has appropriate permits/insurance and standard business licensing. Our kitchen facilities can be made available to your caterer and we would coordinate that with them on your behalf. Depending on your menu selections, your caterer may need to bring equipment (smoker, BBQ grill, warming ovens, etc). We can coordinate location of these items with the caterer.

Floral design, tent setup or use of alcohol can also be coordinated. In the case of alcohol, your caterer needs to have appropriate licensing/permits. Stowe Meadows can also cater your event and supply alcohol/bar services. We would coordinate that with you if you choose to pursue that option.

Stowe Meadows is situated slightly outside of the Stowe town line, so we are not impacted by some of the recent changes that the Village of Stowe has made in permit requirements for weddings held at Inns and residences in Stowe. We are fully permitted for weddings and events at our site. We have 23 private acres and terrific views of the mountains from our Lodge and from our terraced lawn. We have ample room for catering, tent setup, dance floor and band setup.


9) Overnight Accommodations at Stowe Meadows

Are there any particular requirements on number and duration of overnight accommodations for my wedding or associated event (rehearsal, reception, etc)?

All events held at Stowe Meadows require a minimum of 2-night (regular season) or 5-night (holiday season) rentals.

We offer both hosted and un-hosted event accommodations. Stowe Meadows is a Bed & Breakfast Inn and hosts individual couples as well as entire families. If you would like to have the entire Inn and have us stay in residence and host your guests, we can provide those services. Else, the Inn is rented to you privately for your event and no meal, laundry or concierge services are provided. Rates for both reservation types are listed below.

For wedding parties, we require a 2-night booking to allow ample time for property set-up and post-event tear-down and cleaning. Weekend wedding parties have private access to the property from 1:00pm on Friday through Sunday afternoon. This allows ample time for tent, catering and seating setup.

The Inn will accommodate 8-10 overnight guests. For weddings and events that require a reconfiguration of our lawn areas, require furniture movement or setup of tables, chairs, tents, etc. we require a 2-day minimum rental of the property.


10) Wedding assistance/coordination help

We are planning a destination wedding in Stowe and will have family traveling from many locations; can you help us coordinate airport arrivals and transportation of family and friends? Can you help coordinate day-trips or site-seeing trips?

We are delighted to assist with any wedding coordination and can recommend suppliers in the area for specific services. We can also coordinate bridal party showers, spa visits, shopping sprees and family sight-seeing trips. Airport transportation can be arranged in advance as well as shuttle services from other local hotels and Inns to the ceremony. If you would like to coordinate vacation rental houses for family and friends who are arriving for your event, we can make arrangement for house rentals for your party.


11) Family Pet accommodations

Can we bring our family pet on vacation with us at Stowe Meadows?

Saddly no... We have two resident dogs ourselves.   Please be certain to notify us before you bring your family pet along for a visit.

Are there accommodations for pets on-site or nearby?

If you have cats or other animals, we can recommend nearby kennels. We use a wonderful vet in Morrisville, VT (10 minute drive from Stowe Meadows). Lamoille Valley Veterinary has on-site boarding and veterinary facilities. See for more information, or contact them directly at 802-888-7911. Let them know that Stowe Meadows sent you.


12) Housing for Overnight Guests

With each event rental, overnight accommodations at the Inn are included (4 private suites). Full private use of the grounds and main house are also included.

If additional overnight housing is required for out-of-town guests, we can coordinate additional rental houses, guest houses, hotels and inns in the area with you. We have access to several guest houses within 2 miles of Stowe Meadows and can generally arrange for additional lodging in the area for your guests. We work closely with professional rental agents in the area and can help you arrange for a variety of local accommodations. We can also assist with planning itineraries for your visiting friends and family to make your destination event spectacular and memorable.


13) “Closing Time”…Event ending requirements

Is there any special time that my event must end? Say, Midnight?

There are no set timeframes by which your event must end. Your event guests may choose to remain at the property as long as they would like. However, overnight guests who will be sleeping at the Lodge are limited to the capacity of the Lodge. In other words, we could not accommodate more than 8-10 overnight guests in residence at the Lodge. We do require that all guests who are planning to spend the night at the Lodge have pre-reserved accommodations.

If your reception or dinner extends into the morning hours, we do not pose restrictions. However, we generally ask that outdoor music (live bands or DJs) complete final sets by 12:00am. Indoor music is not restricted in any way. This is one of the reasons we require that you reserve the entire property. There are no other guests in residence at the Inn during your event (aside from your own guests/wedding party), so your event can continue right through to a large catered breakfast the following morning. That said, we do have neighbors who are within a quarter mile of our property, so things like fireworks (if approved by the fire department) would need to be concluded at a reasonable time.


14) Reserving Stowe Meadows for an Event

How do I reserve Stowe Meadows for my event?

All event reservations are made directly with the staff at Stowe Meadows. When you contact us, we will ask for specific dates, number of guests in attendance, arrival and departure times and we will need to have a listing of all service providers that you plan to use for your event (caterers, bartenders, photographers, wedding coordinators, etc). We will request a 50% deposit to hold the site for your event, and full payment of all fees will be required 60-days in advance of your event date.

What type of security deposit is required with my reservation?
When your reservation is taken for your specific date(s), an Event Contract will be emailed to you outlining your event date(s), total rental fees, terms of the rental and terms of contract cancellation and deposit refund terms. We will hold your reservation dates for 7 days to allow for Contract completion and return along with appropriate deposit fees.

A 50% deposit is required to hold the property for your event. Deposits can be made by personal check or by major credit card. Should contracts and fees not be remitted within the 7-day reservation period, the property will be released for other reservations to be made. The property cannot be held without receipt of a deposit.

An additional security deposit of $5,000 may be required for any event reservations. The security deposit will be returned within 14 days of the conclusion of your event. Any damages will be reviewed with you prior at that time.

What if my event is cancelled; will I receive a refund of any payments made?

Wedding venues are generally booked many months….and sometimes years, in advance. Stowe Meadows is a unique boutique-wedding location and we often find that we receive more than one request for the same weekend, especially in the Summer and Fall seasons. For added privacy and personalized service, we also reserve our entire property for your wedding or event,; no reservations are accepted at the Inn when wedding dates are reserved. For this reason, we require a 90-day cancellation period to receive full refunds.

Cancellations made between 30 and 90 days of an event receive a 50% refund, however no refunds will be made for cancellation within 30-days of your event unless we can rebook the time with another guest event.


15) Event Pricing

What are the prices for your facilities for a wedding event? Will you allow 1-night bookings?

If you book the property for your event on a weekend, we require a 2-day reservation of the Inn; holiday season carries a 5-day minimum rental period. Due to the requirements to setup the property for the event and clean/reorganize the property following your event, it is difficult for us to offer other guests access to the property the day following your event. Couples who plan to have their ceremony here on Saturday, for example, would have full access to the property from Friday at 2:00pm through Sunday afternoon. This way we can arrange for florists, caterers, tent setup and any furniture changes at the Inn required for Friday evening events and for the ceremony and reception on Saturday. This also allows for a more relaxed departure for your guests on Sunday by 1:00pm.

Please call us for rates.

These rates will include full private use of the property for your party, full use of the house and all four guest suites for the reservation period and use of lawn tables and chairs as noted above. We can also provide onsite help with coordination of wedding vendors (catering, florists, etc) if needed. The property will be available to your wedding “crew” (florists, decorators, caterers, bands, etc) beginning Friday at 1:00pm and you will have exclusive use of the property through 12:00pm on Sunday (for weekend events). Arrangements can be made for later departure on Sunday if we do not have other guests checking in on Sunday afternoon. We can review specifics with you as your plans are confirmed and your vendors are chosen.

If you would like to reserve Stowe Meadows for a smaller event, your rehearsal dinner for example, and will not need to have tent setup or access to the property that would impact rearrangement of the interior of the Lodge, we could work with you on a single day/night rental of the property. Rates would be negotiated at the time of reservation. Again, this would reserve all guest suites and the full use of the Inn for your private gathering.

What is included in the rental price for an event?

Our pricing includes overnight accommodations (4 guest suites) and use of the entire property. We can provide 4 tables with umbrellas that each accommodate 4 seated guests. We are happy to make any of our outdoor furniture available to you. Many pieces can be used to create outdoor “den” areas for conversation, lounging, etc.

If a tent is needed for your event, we do not supply the tent, but can coordinate tent rental, setup and removal for you. If you would like outdoor seating for your ceremony or a dining event, chairs, tables, dinner service plating, glassware and table linens can be rented through several local agencies.

During warm weather months, our private pond provides an idea swimming and gathering area, as does our outdoor fire pit which provides a terrific gathering area for roasting marshmallows!

Do you have other event items that we could rent directly from you (glasses, place settings, dinner ware, etc)?

Yes, for small gatherings, we can provide both formal and casual place settings, dinnerware (forks, knives, spoons) and wine glasses. We can accommodate formal place settings for 10 and casual place settings for 12.

What type of security deposit is required with my reservation?

When your reservation is taken for your specific date(s), an Event Contract will be emailed to you outlining your event date(s), total rental fees, terms of the rental and terms of contract cancellation and deposit refund terms. We will hold your reservation dates for 7 days to allow for Contract completion and return along with appropriate deposit fees.

A 50% deposit is required to hold the property for your event. Deposits can be made by personal check or by major credit card. Should contracts and fees not be remitted within the 7-day reservation period, the property will be released for other reservations to be made. The property cannot be held without receipt of a deposit.

An additional security deposit of $5,000 may be required for any event reservations. The security deposit will be returned within 14 days of the conclusion of your event. Any damages will be reviewed with you prior at that time.


16) Green Hotel and Green Wedding Information

I have read a lot about “Green Hotels” in the news. I’d like to know if you are a green hotel and what you are doing along these lines. Can I have a “green” event at your location?

Stowe Meadows is working toward certification as a “Green Hotel”. There are many things that we can all do to protect our environment, and Stowe Meadows participates in many environmental-friendly activities today….and we’ll be adding more to our list. We have noted a few steps we are currently taking and ways that we can help you plan a “green event” at our location.

Stowe Meadows Lodge “Green” Initiatives

These initiatives are part of our ongoing plan to help protect our environment. While not specific to your event, these initiatives are part of our overall vision at Stowe Meadows.

-For all guest accommodations we ask that guests help us conserve water resources by reusing bath towels if possible. Our guestroom suites are serviced daily during each guest stay, but bed linens are only changed upon request. Of course all guest rooms are refreshed completely between guest stays.

-We use environmentally friendly detergents, household cleaners and disinfecting products.

-We use biodegradable paper products and we choose unbleached products when possible.

-We recycle trash and we compost kitchen waste when possible (following proper sanitary guidelines for composting).

-Our kitchen products are organic when available and our own gardens use organic gardening methods.

Stowe Meadows Lodge “Green” Initiatives – Events and Weddings

You may ask, “What is a green wedding or event?” A green wedding is a celebration that incorporates ecologically and socially responsible products and services into all aspects of the planning and festivities. From invitations to wedding attire, ceremony and reception sites, food and beverages, flowers, travel, honeymoon destination, and countless other details, the couple considers what impact their choices will have upon the planet and those who inhabit it. The good news is that there are plenty of green options for creating the uniquely elegant and personal wedding that you envision.

Stowe Meadows Wedding Garden

In celebration of each wedding held at Stowe Meadows, we plant a new sapling in our Wedding Garden. This garden is special to us, because it represents the “beginning” of new families and lives together. As our Wedding Garden grows, so do our friendships with new brides and grooms. Each new tree has a name plate for the couple who married and their wedding date.

In addition to the activities noted above for our Inn, we recommend the following for guests who would like to host “green” events at Stowe Meadows:

-Give tree donation certificates or saplings as wedding favors.

-Use an online calculator to determine how many trees must be planted to neutralize the carbon emissions resulting from wedding guests’ travel or your honeymoon trip. Then donate to an organization that will plant the trees on your guests’ behalf, or give each guest a tree-in-a-box to plant in commemoration of your wedding.

-Choose wedding apparel made of sustainable fabrics or reuse garments that have been lovingly worn.
A wedding gown made of luxurious hemp satin and a groom’s shirt made of fine organic cotton are produced without pesticides and without the petroleum used to manufacture synthetic textiles. Hemp is a naturally pest-resistant plant that also replenishes the earth. Organic cotton is grown without the pesticides used on non-organic cotton, the most heavily sprayed field crop on the planet (a third of a pound of pesticide is used for every pound of cotton produced!). Another earth-friendly option is to rent or purchase previously worn wedding apparel, especially from charity organizations.

-Serve a menu at your reception that is designed vegetarian with locally grown organic produce.
You’ll be using the earth’s resources efficiently as well as minimizing air pollution and pesticide use. Serving local produce rather than food transported from thousands of miles away produces fewer air pollutants and consumes less fossil fuel – and if it’s organic, even better because you’ll be helping to reduce the use of toxic pesticides.

-Send Email invitations to your wedding showers, parties and even the “main event”.
Email leverages a communications medium that does not require paper products, inks, dyes or any other chemical processing. No fuel is used to transport the mail and air pollution is minimized.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Caroline or Erich DeVore (Owners), for more information.
802-888-0002 or toll free: 1-888-STOWE-ME


17) Marriage License and Justice of the Peace - How To Obtain

How do we obtain a Marriage License in VT?

The following website provides a wealth of information on weddings and civil unions in the state of Vermont. Here are a few key points (but be sure to visit the site for complete information).  If you have any questions that are not answered, contact your Town Clerk or the Vital Records of the Vermont Department of Health.

How Do We Get Married in Vermont?

Before your ceremony, you will need to apply for a Vermont marriage license with the Town Clerk.  The state of Vermont no longer has a waiting period and no longer requires pre-marital blood tests. 

Where Do We Get a Marriage License?

If either the bride or groom is a resident of Vermont, the couple may go the Town Clerk in either town of residence. If just one of you is a VT resident, you must go to the Clerk of the resident’s home town to apply for your marriage license. 

What If We Are Not Vermont Residents?

The first thing you should do is decide where in VT you want to get married. This is important because out of state residents must get their license in the county where they will be married. Any Town Clerk in that country can issue the license.  For weddings held at Stowe Meadows, you may use any of the following Clerk’s offices to apply for your license.

Sharon Draper - - P.O. Box 123  Lake Elmore, VT 05657
> Open: T-Th 9-3 

Mary Ann Wilson - - P.O. Box 748  Morrisville, VT 05661
> Open: M T Th F 8:30- 4:30; W 8:30-12:30 

Marie N. Betterley CMC/AAE/CVC/CVT - - P.O. Box 248  Stowe, VT 05672
> Open: M-F 8-4:30 

Evelyn H. Parker - 51 - South Main Street  Waterbury, VT 05676
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How Much Does A Marriage License Cost?

A Vermont marriage license costs $32.50 which includes a Certified Copy of the License. 

How Old Must We Be To Be Married In Vermont?

You may get married in Vermont if you are 18 years old. If you are at least 16, but under 18, you will need either a parent or guardian’s consent. Your parent or guardian should accompany you to the Town Clerk’s office to sign an affidavit giving you permission to marry. The affidavit is on the back of the marriage license and is a legal part of the license. If you are under the age of 16, you may not get married without a certificate from a Probate or District Court Judge in your county of residence giving you permission to marry. No one under the age of 14 may marry in Vermont.  Are There Any other Marriage Restrictions? Anyone under guardianship cannot marry without guardian consent. Vermont does not allow the marriage of relatives. Relatives include mother, father, grandparent, sister, brother, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. You cannot get married in Vermont to avoid laws of another state where you intend to continue residing. If you need further clarification, contact your Town Clerk or the Vermont Department of Health, Vital Records Unit. What Information

Do We Need To Apply for A Marriage License In Vermont?

You must know your legal town of residence and your place and date of birth; You will also need to know your parents’ names, including your mother’s maiden name, and the states where your parents were born. Vermont law requires that at least one of you must sign in the presence of the Town Clerk, certifying that all facts are correct; however, most Town Clerks prefer to see both of you in person before issuing you license to marry, as the law requires that they satisfy themselves that you are both free to marry under Vermont laws. They may legally ask to see documented proof of your statements, for example birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc. A Vermont marriage license cannot be issued through the mail. 

What Statistical Information Will I Need To Provide?

There is a small portion of the license that is detached and used by Vital Records for statistical information. For this portion, you will need to provide information about your race, the highest grade you completed in school, the number of times you have been married and how your previous marriage(s), of any, ended. This information does not become part of the marriage certificate. 

What If Either Of Us Has Been Married Before?

If you are a widow or widower you are free to marry. You will be asked the date your spouse died. If you are divorced, you may remarry if you have received the final court decree dissolving your marriage license. 

How Soon Can We Marry Once We Have Our License?

There is no waiting period in the state of Vermont. A couple may marry on the same day they purchase their license. 

How Long Is Our Marriage License Valid?

Your marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. The last date your license can be used is block 16D of your license. The marriage license fee is non-refundable. If you decide to marry after the expiration date, you will need to apply for a new license. 

Where Can We Get Married?

A Vermont marriage license is valid only for a marriage performed in Vermont. If you are a resident, you may be married anywhere in the state. If you are not residents of the state, you must be married in the county where your license was issued. 

Who Can Marry Us?

A Judge, Justice of the Peace, or a member of the clergy recognized by the state of Vermont. By obtaining a temporary certificate of authorization from the Probate Court in the district where the ceremony will be performed, a Priest, Minister, or Rabbi from another state can marry you in Vermont. Stowe Meadows is in Lamoille County and our Probate court is located in Montpellier, VT.

What Do We Do With The License?

You must deliver the license to the person who will conduct your wedding ceremony before the marriage can be performed. After the ceremony, the person who performs the ceremony (officiate) will complete the sections concerning the date, place and officiate information, and sign your license. It must then be returned by the officiate to the Town Clerk’s office where it was issued within ten (10) days, so that your marriage may be officially registered. It is not a complete legal document, useful for passports, Social Security, etc., until it has been recorded in the Town Clerk’s office where it was purchased. 

Do We Need Witnesses?

Vermont law does not require witnesses. If you are planning a religious ceremony, check with your church or synagogue to see if religious tenets require witnesses for your ceremony.

How Do We Get A Copy Of The Marriage Certificate?

Here are two ways to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate. When you apply for your marriage license, you pay $5.00 and make arrangements with the town clerk to mail you a certified copy after your certificate has been returned and registered. This may be the most convenient way if you know what your correct mailing address will be after the ceremony. The second way is to request a copy from the Town Clerk where you obtained your license two (2) weeks or more after the ceremony; or from the Vermont Department of Health, Vital Records Unit, six (6) weeks or more after the ceremony. The fee is $5.00. It is best to put your request in writing or apply in person. What you will receive is a copy of the original certificate embossed with the town or state seal. The certified copy issued by either the town or state is the accepted copy for all legal documents, (e.g. social security, passport, insurance).

Can you help us find a Justice of The Peace?

We would be delighted to assist you. We work with several local Justices who would be happy to perform your wedding ceremony at Stowe Meadows based on their availability. We can contact them on your behalf or you can contact them directly:

Jill Lindenmeyr: 802-888-5526 or
Mary Hoisington: 802-888-4051
Stuart Weppler: 802-888-3191 or


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